Active Service. Major John B. Castleman, CSA.
Active Service.

Active Service.

Louisville, KY: Courier-Journal Job, 1917. First. Hard Cover. Good overall. Book shaken, covers soiled. Hinges good. / None. Item #365

Castleman was a CSA major in the Second Kentucky Cavalry, CSA. The Second Cavalry belonged to General John Hunt Morgan's command and had Basil Duke as the LtCol. The unit fought in the West, with much of the regiment captured at Buffington Island and the rest of the unit captured at New Lisbon. This was 1863 and the unit never reformed.

Castleman was a friend of both Morgan and Duke as well as the famous Kentucky Breckenridge family. Most were from the Lexington, KY, area.

Early Kentucky Confederate narratives are really scarce. Particularly cavalry units. Basil Duke wrote an excellent account of Morgan's cavalry and it was twice published not too long after the War. (Check my website for a copy).

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